Disability Lawyers

Your legal representative, for whatever reason you are employing them, should be chosen carefully and not just because they seem to be the most convenient as studies suggest. If you are unfortunate enough to be going through an incapacity case then having a disability lawyer you trust is even more of an issue. First of all, the presence of lawyer specializing in disabilities gives you significantly more credibility; when a case involves the Social Services Administration for example, their assistance will be invaluable. The benefit of having a dedicated disability lawyer is that they know exactly what they are doing and what to look for; this is especially important if you are already appealing against a previous decision.

If for some reason you are in the appeal process because benefits have been refused then a lawyer will be someone who will be able to guide you through without hesitation. If you want to find a reputable law firm, go online to a website that you have confidence in, to search for law firms in your area and then visit their websites; you can check their case history and results to learn about your chances of a successful outcome if you use them to represent you. In particular try to see if their website summarizes any cases in their areas of specialty; you may also have friends that can recommend a good law firm that specializes in disability law. There are no two ways about the fact that you must feel comfortable entrusting your case with the disability lawyer you choose; you really have to be comfortable with the one you select.

To help you with these criteria, you can disregard anyone with less than five years disability law experience; at least three of those years should have been spent practicing in your state. So your disability lawyer should be specialized in the area of long term disability, disability insurance and social security law; an important aspect is for it to be the type of work they specialize in every day. A representative that doesn't tell you what is going on or is not honest about your chances is not worth employing. Remember, you will need to select about 2 or 3 attorneys to interview, so that you have can assess which one not only has the experience but that you will feel comfortable working with.

Sometimes it helps to take along someone else that you trust, so that they can write down what is said. Some attorneys will not charge for the initial free no-obligation initial consultation but you should come prepared with questions so that their time is not wasted. It should go without saying that your disability lawyer is someone who has integrity and respect for you and your situation so there should be honesty to your relationship and the chances you have of winning your case; there is no substitute for honesty in these circumstances but you must reciprocate. I hope this information has been helpful when you come to search for an attorney to represent you.


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