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The popularity of your law firm’s site is an important quality the search engines consider when listing pertinant sites in response to a search. Search engines will weave through a website, and store pertinent information about that site, including the links to other websites.

The larger amount websites it finds with your URL in the code, the higher your site popularity is rated. This is not something you can easily maintain, and for some nearly impossible.

Search engines are still the top effective means of Internet legal site promotion.

True law firm reciprocal links will have a direct effect on your law firm’s web site.

Your Law Site Must Grow In PopularityReciprocal link exchanges are a mutual agreement between one site owner and another, whereby owner 1 puts owner 2's site URL on his website, and in exchange owner 2 will {{display|convey|exhibit|show} owner 1's site on his.

According to search engine optimization experts, follow 2 fundamental rules when considering trading links.....

An outgoing link is like a vote for another website. Have too many links and the value of the vote decreases. Search engines recommend a maximum of 20 outgoing links per webpage in order to 'pass PageRank' to the link advertisers.

•RULE #2 Your link must be on a webpage editorially applicable to your website.

Too many webmasters make the mistake of swapping links based solely on PageRank. The real number one cireta really should be a similar themed site. Search engines will immediately recognize your link is out of context if you do not follow this rule. Instead of helping your ranking, out of theme links will down-grade your standings. Legal sites should only trade links with other legal or legal related web sites.

Below are incoming link graphs for our San Diego lawyers directory and our Los Angeles – Orange County lawyers directory.. As you will see, it takes thousands of links to be on page one of the search engines.

A simple way to start or increase your quality incoming legal links is through our free legal linking program. For full details, please click: legal law firm linking program.

In many areas, the Internet is generating many more qualified legal client prospects than any other advertising media.


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