Lawyers: Why your Website is NOT Enough

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With 84.8% of Internet users finding the websites they frequent and buy products from by using search engines, it becomes clear that all legal firms need to tap into that traffic.

After publishing your own site, SEO is the most recommended and beneficial course of action, but, SEO is complex. At its worst, SEO is a maddening exercise in losing money and time.

You’ve devoted time, money and emotion into this website and still it is not creating the hoped for traffic. This is when excitement can begin to fade, and worries about your website and Internet legal client marketing surface.

The world is bustling with talk about Search Engines (the Big 3: Google, Yahoo and MSN, especially). Everyone wants a piece of the action, but even with all this hype – there is so much that is not being said.

Each our clients have their own legal website. A lot also have two or more websites. You might think with their own sites, why would they pay us for placement in one of our city specific legal directories?

Inevitably, our legal sites generate highly directed legal traffic for our clients legal specialties. The cost of placing an ad in our directories turns out to be their most cost effective new client acquisition method.

Perhaps, attorneys should understand before embarking on a SEO program, that website designers are NOT SEO experts. Many of our clients have had amazing sites. They have very 'in' color combinations, easy navigation, fast loading and basic meta tags. However, their sites are not within the first three pages for their major keywords.

To accurately optimize a legal website with a highly competitive keyword, takes a commitment to continuious SEO work and substantial cash outlays. Plus, usually there are no guarantees; incorrect SEO work can actually decrease your rankings and/or get one's site de-listed for certain major search engines.

It all winds down to top keyword placement in the organic results of the search engines. Legal keywords are some of the most competitive for rankings. Everyone wants to be on page one of the returned search results. Even page two or page three of the major search engines will create dramatic traffic increases. Beyond page three placement results will usually not produce the results needed to cover the time spent in the search engine optimization efforts.

Our specific city legal directory approach supplies our clients with a highly optimized site whose standing can be verified even before joining. With the guess work removed, keyword standings and traffic verified, this is a far more cost effective approach when compared to hiring a professional to do SEO on the firm's own site. Driving this point home is the fact that with multi-year algorithm revisions by the search engines, and thousands of new sites vying for top positions, SEO to be successful must be an on-going labor intensive process.

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Bob Schwartz runs 15 legal directory sites, a few of which are: Los Angeles lawyers, Las Vegas lawyers, San Francisco lawyers, California lawyers, Dallas lawyers Promotions Unlimited started out as a general search engine optimization firm but has morphed into a specialized search engine optimization service. Our attorney client’s results through our directories have proven to be far more cost effective compared to Yellow Pages advertising. What is surprising to us is the amount of skepticism still prevalent among legal practitioners about the effectiveness of the Internet to generate new business. Some times old habits die hard!


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