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For most legal firms the most cost effective way to attract new clients is through the Internet. Naturally you must have your own website. Your site should be visible on all your printed material from business cards, to letterhead, and all advertising.

The true key to success is to go beyond the basics. To actually have an effective legal website you must have your site’s keyword phrases appear on the first three pages of the major search engine search results.

In most cases, a potential legal client will go to their favorite search engine and type in a very common legal search term like “lawyer” or “Social security lawyer.” Such general terms will return lawyers from Alaska to Nebraska. The searcher will realize that they must be more specific or qualify their search phrase in order to locate the legal advice they seek. So, the natural next action is usually adding their city or state name to the broad legal phrase. The revised legal keyword phrases will now be similar to: San Diego lawyers, San Diego social security lawyers or San Diego attorneys.

Naturally, the competition for these city specific legal search phrases is very fierce. Your law firm’s options for getting your site to rank high for these phrases is to purchase sponsored listings on an auction type, pay-per-click basis, hire a search engine optimization firm to work on your site, or purchase a listing on a legal site that already has a high placement for these legal phrases.

Of the three choices given, the most cost efficient is to be listed on a site ALREADY ranking high for your city/area’s legal keyword phrases. However, don’t just select a site to advertise on based on their ranking for one or two specific legal phrases. You should look for a site that has multiple city/area legal keyword phrases appearing on page one of several major search engines.

As an example, look at our Houston Texas legal directory. Keep in mind, keyword standings change quite often and the rankings noted here were effective as of the writing of this article. The Houston lawyers directory site’s URL is:

For the legal search phrase, Houston Texas lawyers, this site is on page one of the organic search results of Google, AOL, and MSN! Just looking further on MSN, this site also holds page one standings for the terms: Houston attorneys, Houston lawyers, Houston TX lawyers, Houston TX attorneys, Houston bankruptcy attorneys, Houston defense lawyers, Houston criminal lawyers, Houston divorce lawyers, Houston DUI, Houston accident lawyers, Houston wrongful death lawyers, Houston social security lawyers, Houston labor attorneys, Houston labor lawyers and Houston employment attorneys. Such multiple city specific page one standings must be your cheif selection criteria.

So many city specific legal phrases generate a large amount of laser-like focused legal traffic. In May, the Houston Texas lawyers site above produced 3,348 unique visitors!

Promotions Unlimited started out as a broad search engine optimization firm but has evolved into a specialized search engine optimization service. Our attorney client’s have attained results from our directories that have proven to be far more cost effective in comparison to Yellow Pages advertising. What is surprising to us is the amount of skepticism still existing among legal practitioners about the effectiveness of the Internet to attract new business. Some times old habits die hard!

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